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HACCP means Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. HACCP Builder can be used for any organization needing to be FDA HACCP compliant.

HACCP Builder also delivers compliance for retail venues like grocery, restaurants, and more. HACCP is a food borne illness prevention solution and is enforced by such agencies as the USDA's Food and Safety Inspection Service (
FSIS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

OUR NEW FDA HACCP MODULE for the coming 2015
"HACCP Builder has launched our new FDA module for those facilities regulated by the FDA.  This module is designed specifically to address the 2013 FDA HACCP enforcement!

Partial Client List

Safe Quality Food - SQF

The Briad Group
""...we are experiencing tremendous cost savings based on the efficiencies we have achieved! We simple click copy or update and launch our food safety policy for any facility."

Andy Race, The Briad Group.

Manufacturers, Ranches, Farms, Fisheries, Processors

Packing, Distributor, Warehouse, Transport, Commissary

Restaurant, Grocery, Hotel, Caterer, Hospital, Care Centers...

HACCP is a scientific process control system for eliminating contaminants at critical areas in the food production, distribution and preparation. Our FDA HACCP process modules allow you to comply plus prevent, as close to 100 percent as possible, harmful contamination in the food supply.  Click Here To See Client List

"HACCP Builder is a great tool for food safety compliance for small and large companies.  It has everything an organization needs and is completely customizable for special requirements within an organization.  The ability to monitor food safety policy throughout an organization is unmatched"
- O. Pete Snyder, Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management. .


Click to see the FDA HACCP basedS.510.ES Food Safety Modernization Act(FSMA - FDA) signed into law in January 2011.

What is Food-Borne Illness?

The official definition of a food-borne disease outbreak is when two or more cases of a similar illness result from eating a common food. Each year in the United States between 6.5 to 33 million cases of illness are attributed to food-borne illness and 9,000 people die as the result. The cost of these illnesses is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Most food-borne diseases are mild and usually go unreported. Many people who think they had the 24-hr flu most likely had a case of food-borne illness. For high risk populations such as young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems and chronic disease, food-borne illness can be life threatening. Symptoms and their duration can vary depending on the type of organism or toxin eaten. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, muscle aches, dizziness, tiredness, weakness, and fever.

HACCP Builder's complete prevention based FDA HACCP Food Safety Management System addresses these issues, and goes well beyond track and trace - because there is much more to HACCP then just track and trace - there is prevention (see S.510.ES).All updates to the FDA HACCP Builder Food Safety Management System product lines are included with your subscription! Our FDA HACCP system automatically provides you with CCP's, CP's, biological, chemical, and physical hazards, facility sub-plans, pathogen plans and more.

Please take some time and browse our website to learn more about FDA HACCP compliance with HACCP Builder. Together, with our clients, we deliver simplicity, efficiency, compliance and, most of all, Food Safety.

Ohio University Testimonial
"HACCP builder has been an excellent investment for the culinary services team here at Ohio University. We have over 3500 recipes and the time savings that the software provided in developing the HACCP plan was substantial. The company’s customer service is outstanding, much more than I would have expected with an internet based software program. There were a few suggestions that we had to make the program more applicable to a university culinary program and how we use the software-the development team has jumped on those suggestions and has made advances to address those issues for us. The program’s value is worth much more than the cost, I would buy it again in a heartbeat." Rosanna Nelson, Ohio University

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