School HACCP Becomes Part of HACCP Builder

School HACCP
 has become part of HACCP Builder.  We are excited to offer School HACCP as part of our offering to the marketplace.  As we move forward, we will be improving the public sector School HACCP Solution.  As you may or may not know, HACCP Builder originally was developed from a portion of the School HACCP system.  Now, we have become one!


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We will work with you to determine which solution is appropriate for your public institution.  Whatever the direction you need, we will be able to deliver. 

School HACCP is a complete HACCP Based Food Safety Management System specifically designed for Schools.  The system builds your USDA required plan and ensures complete compliance.  School HACCP is structured to:

provide the District manager with complete oversight of every kitchen within the district
- build a proper HACCP Plan for each kitchen
- deliver a complete menu manager that automatically assigns all CCP's, CP's and hazards
- drive alerts to the District manager for any non-completed tasks for real time monitoring
- be economical and provide great time & money savings

School HACCP and Requirements
Section 111 of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act: Part 5 "School Food Safety Program", requires each school lunch food authority to implement a school food safety program, in preparation and service of each meal served to children, that complies with the HACCP system established by USDA.

Don't risk losing your school lunch federal funding when a cost effective complete solution is so easy to implement!

The National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) Process Approach to School Lunch HACCP is as follows:

The Process Approach to HACCP breaks down food preparation into three basic processes determined by the number of times the food flows through the temperature danger zone (TDZ) (40-135 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Food Code).

The Process approach differs from traditional HACCP in that menu items can be grouped into similar processes, as the hazards are similar. This saves time in establishing control measures and corrective actions, which are also part of HACCP.

School HACCP is for public institution foodservice establishments where there are a variety of menu items and a variety of different facilities. HACCP Builder, on the other hand, functions well for private institutions from farm to fork because of the complete flexibility of the system.  HACCP Builder works well for retail, production and logistical institutions. 

Below are the School HACCP processes.

 - Process 0: No Preparation and No Cook (added because these food needed a classification)

 - Process 1: Food Preparation with No Cook Step (no trips through TDZ).

 - Process 2: Preparation for Cook and Serve (one trip through TDZ).
 - Process 3: Preparation for Cook, Chill, and/or Reheat, and Serve (more than one trip through TDZ).

HACCP Compliant in Under 30 Minutes!
Our team of School HACCP Plan experts have studied in detail the USDA HACCP plan requirements, deliverables and ongoing management guidelines to develop a benchmark solution that saves schools time and money - School HACCP Builder.

It's Easy with School HACCP.

 - Complete online ability to build your plan(s)
 - Upon completion, your plan will comply with USDA regulations for schools
 - Real-time online management reporting of work process completion for each kitchen
 - Access to all required documents with easy online submission and printing capability
 - Alerts whenever a process is not completed, enabling management and kitchen staff to act quickly and efficiently to stay in compliance.

The School HACCP Builder solution is designed specifically for USDA driven school kitchens. Our systematic process driven approach makes it easy to build, maintain, update, report and ensure your kitchens are in compliance on an ongoing basis. School HACCP implemented, in detail, the USDA's HACCP guidelines to create School HACCP Builder. The guidelines identify what components must be delivered at the District level and Kitchen level.

In accordance with the USDA guidelines, School HACCP Builder emphasizes food safety programs including standard operating procedures (SOP's), pest control, training, equipment maintenance, cleaning and sanitation. The key documents and tasks are built right into School HACCP.

Each critical task has automated prompts to notify each key player of their duties and provides online forms to report task completion. The notifications are typically delivered to the individual Kitchen's Food Services Manager as well as the District Food Services Manager. Once the Kitchen's Food Services Manager completes their tasks and the reporting form, both the Kitchen Food Services Manager and District Food Services Manager receives automated notification if a task is not completed. In addition, the District Manager has a complete control panel to monitor every kitchen and every task.

The School HACCP approach will enable you to keep USDA HACCP compliant on an ongoing basis.


 - Comprehensive solution meeting all USDA HACCP requirements for HACCP Plan including:
   - Reporting
   - Time and temperature monitoring
   - SOP's (customizable)
   - Corrective actions and more
 - Build and print capability, in USDA requested format, for HACCP plan & all required reports

 - District wide control panel/dash board
 - E-alerts for both District & Kitchen levels
 - Customizable SOP’s, recipes, and reports
 - Multi-level logins: District and all Kitchens
 - Menu and work schedule planning and printing
 - Complete automated individual state temperature requirements


 - Peace of mind never having to worry about passing a HACCP Audit
 - No daily paper compilation, collection, and management
 - Real-time management and reporting of all kitchens eliminating collecting and reviewing each kitchens paperwork
 - Take corrective actions in real-time not months later
 - Quick access to all report and plan history at a click of a mouse
 - Easily communicate lunch production responsibilities, schedules, and food monitoring
 - Adjust, at any time, menu items and kitchen inventories at a click of a mouse
 - All software updates are FREE
 - Immediate and ongoing HACCP Compliance facilitated by the District Control Panel
 - Saves management and staff time plus saves the school money