So, your operation requires specialized Check Lists or problem...

HACCP Builder provides customers with FDA/USDA Standard Safety Check Lists plus our Add-A-Check List / Log Capability. Now, with HACCP Builder you can add any check list / log you want or need - plus provide your employees with the proper corrective actions for each question.

HACCP Builder enables you to completely add and customize as many check lists / logs as you like. For example, if you have you have particular Food Safety, Hygiene, Maintenance, Training, Pest Control, Cleaning and Sanitization or any other check list / log, simply add and then add/edit/delete questions within the check lists to deliver exactly what your organization needs.

Then, once you complete your customized check lists, simply link to your facility or facilities (for multiple facilities) with a click of a mouse.

If you have facilities that have different requirements, simply customize your check lists for each facility or group of facilities and click to apply those check lists to the particular facility/facilities. You can customize to any facility, and manage and monitor all facilities from the corporate control panel in real time.

Receiving Check List w 600

This is how your facility team members will receive your custom check lists or logs.  Easy to read, talk and tap in required information.

Team members question can include:
- The question
- Boolean Yes/No/NA tap fields
- Open remarks voice activated field
- Corrective actions you have required

At the corporate level, you can customize any question and deliver the question to anyone in any specific facility.

Add A Check List / Log

description: Customizable check lists with HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder