Employee Task Alerts and Management Notification Alerts

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HACCP Builder enables every employee to receive task alerts for their own specific tasks.  Plus, if a task is not completed both the facility management and corporate management receive notifications of an incomplete task.  So, management will know exactly who is doing what, where, when and how!  This enables immediate corrective actions!

Set up is very intuitive.  When the facility manager creates a specific employee's login they also simply select the logs, tasks, days of the tasks, reminder timing and messaging for each task (HACCP Builder provides default messaging). In addition, the manager can set an end-time for the task to be complete.  If the task is not complete, an alert notification will be sent to facility and specific corporate managers.

So, with HACCP Builder your can direct every employees individual tasks not only by the time, but also what message you want your employees to receive.  Plus, you will know in real-time if a task has been completed by each employee.

HACCP Builder makes it easy to be compliant everyday and in real-time.

Alerts & Notifications

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