FoodSafe One Menu/Recipe and FoodSafe One FSIS Production Packs

With our HACCP based Food Safety Management System, you have the power to accurately deliver and control Corporate HACCP Compliance Policy directly to the individual staff level throughout many different locations/facilities...and you can only do it with HACCP Builder.

2-19-13 Single Facility Structure

FoodSafe One is a powerful HACCP Compliance Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Tool Set. It is a complete online solution for building your HACCP based Food Safety Management System and Plan ensuring every facility within your organization is HACCP Compliant on a daily basis. Again, FoodSafe One enables an organization to execute corporate Food Safety Policy directly to the staff level within every facility. (Learn about our Mobile Application by clicking here). In addition, HACCP Builder enables clients to manage their entire food distribution network from farming, processing, packing, distribution, grocery to restaurant and more. So, if you have a vertical organization, HACCP Builder is for you.

Your organization will enjoy a Command Dashboard Center that notifies individuals within facilities of tasks to be completed plus, if tasks are not completed, your central management will be notified in real-time that certain tasks have not been completed.

Just imagine the power of knowing whether every one of your facilities are HACCP compliant in real time. Your organization will immediately and vastly improve your HACCP Food Safety Management plus realize substantial savings in time and dollars plus minimize waste - Everything you need for food safety and compliance is included.

Key Modules Included In FoodSafe One Pack:
- Mobile logins for staff
- Recipe module

AdditionalKey Modules Included In FoodSafe One FSIS Production Pack:
- Easy build-out, easy to manage FSIS Production Hazard Analysis Table
- Easy build-out, easy to manage FSIS HACCP Plan Table
Supports multiple plans for a single facility

Corporate Level and facility Level Further Detail:
- Complete access to customization setting corporate policy throughout your organization
- Complete access to every facility, complete reporting by facility, plus facility plan access
- Copy a facility for quick build our of your organization no matter where the facilities are located
- Oversight of all login access for each facility
- Users/Training Guide Included
- View all logging, check lists corrective actions by each staff member at each facility
- Assign requirements and customize for any facility/facilities

- Default standard & customizable and FDA/USDA (SOPs, GMP's and more)
- Default standard & customizable Check Lists
- Default standard & customizable Processes
- Default standard & customizable Logs with CCP's with and QCL's (Quality Control Limit)
- QCL feature enables an organization to set a Quality Control Limit Policy
- Create and drive specific corrective actions for the staff/line-user for Boolean field selection
- Requires staff to select a corrective action if CCP is outside of a compliance requirement
- Delivers high data integrity because of required selection choices
- Default standard & customizable Food Categories with biological, physical, chemical hazards & end point temperature corrective actions
- Default standard & customizable HACCP/FSMS Plan Index documents

- Easy to view/print HACCP/FSMS Plan for any facility in your organization
- System can be integrated with any SQL database driven temperature equipment
- Complete history centrally accessible for all facilities, viewable and printable 24/7/365

Facility Level
- Build HACCP based Food Safety Management System Plan for the facility

- Easy to answer all required procedural questions
- Standard equipment inventory and easy add custom equipment/area inventory
- Easy upload of vendors
- Easy upload of inputs/ingredients tied to vendors for track and trace
- Easy link inputs/ingredients to food categories/hazards
- Easy link inputs/ingredients to outputs/end product/menu items
- HACCP/FSMS Plan view and print
- Customizable cleaning & sanitization, maintenance, pest control plan and more
- Completely customizable documents available if needed

- Ability to set up staff mobile access logins plus edit/deactivate any login
- Online logging and reporting (paper forms included as well)

- Cleaning and Sanitization Log
- Cold Holding Log
- Cooling Temperature Log
- End Point Cooking Temperature Log
- Freezer Log
- Hot Holding Log
- Maintenance Log
- Pest Control Log
- pH Log
- Receiving Log
- Refrigeration Log
- Shipping Log
- Thermometer Calibration Log

- Online Customizable Food Safety Check List
- Online Customizable Validation Work Sheet/Check List

A complete user's guide is included and all questions on food processes are easily answered in FoodSafe One's HACCP Plan Index page. So, you can have your HACCP based Food Safety Management System and Plan complete in 30 minutes to a few hours.

With HACCP Builder, It's easy to be compliant. References available upon request.

FoodSafe One

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