Hazards, Critical Control Points and Control Points are...

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…assigned automatically!  You do not have to be an expert…again, all you have to do is really answer a question: “assign an ingredient to the proper HACCP Builder food category. Our food categories are intuitive to enable anyone to complete this question.

Here are some samples of our food categories:

1. Eggs: RAW
2. Fish: RAW
4. Poultry: COOKED
5. Breads and Grains

Now, you can complete your Food Safety Management System Plan.

The system is your expert and produces everything you need plus enables you to implement a living, breathing, efficient and effective food safety management system throughout your organization.

And, it is easy.

Hazards, CCPs & CPs

description: Hazards CCPs and Cp's built right in with HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder