HACCP Compliant Versus HACCP Compatible

We have taken a different comprehensive approach to HACCP Food Safety Compliance than other organizations.  Here at HACCP Builder, we focus on the complete HACCP
Compliance Solution, not on what we call HACCP Compatible systems.  HACCP Builder is the only solution that delivers on all three key triad legs of true HACCP Compliance (Scroll Down To See HACCP Triad Graph):

- HACCP Plan Systematic Delivery and Updating
- Track and Trace
- Temperature Driven Logging (there are other logs as well)

Management Traid Compliance

So, when you are considering a system, simply ask yourself if the solution you are looking at is truly a HACCP Compliance Solution or just a HACCP Compatible system...

Compliance Triad

description: The triad of compliance with HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder