So, your operation requires specialized Processes, Hazards, CCP's and CP' problem...

HACCP Builder provides customers with standard FDA/USDA Processes, Hazards, CCP’s, CP’s, Corrective Actions and more. But, what if your organization requires something different?  No problem, because HACCP Builder enables you to completely customize the system for your needs. So, for example, if you have you have particular Processes, Hazards, CCP’s, CP’s and Corrective Actions – simply add/edit/delete to deliver exactly what your organization’s needs for each area.

HACCP Builder imbeds right in your process module your food flow charts and your Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plan Table.  The tables are easy to use and if you miss anything the first time don't worry about information and data is a breeze to drop in the tables.  The process module also includes menu HACCP if you need it.

If you have facilities that have different requirements from one another - Simply customize for each facility or groups of facilities with another process and click to apply for each of the individual facility/facilities.

You can customize to any facility…be it a farm, distribution center, processor, restaurant and/or more – and, you can manage and monitor all on one system.

Customizable Processes from Haccp Builder

description: Customizable processes with HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder