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HACCP Plan Software

HACCP Plan Software, from HACCP Builder, is a HACCP driven Food Safety Management System that not only writes your plan, it also ensures complete ongoing FDA/USDA compliance. 

The software system is based on the Process Approach that was developed to ensure HACCP food safety for United States Military/NASA and is updated to the current Food Code. 
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HACCP Builder's complete HACCP Plan Software goes beyond track and trace - because there is much more to HACCP then just track and trace.

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With our HACCP Plan Software, you have the power to deliver and control Corporate HACCP Compliance Policy directly to the individual staff level throughout many different locations/facilities...and you can only do it with HACCP Builder products:

Our HACCP Plan Software is for any organization that handles food stuffs (
see partial client list ):
- QSR - Quick Service Restaurants
- Country Club and Upscale
- Restaurants
- Home / Business Delivery
- Hotels
- Bakery
- Seafood Processors and Distributors
- Nut Processors and Distributors
- Ice Cream Shops 
- Food/Convenience Markets
- Poultry Processors and Distributors
- Meat Processors and Distributors
- Pork Processors and Distributors
- Food Safety and HACCP Consultants
- Catering Organizations
- Produce / Vegetable Processors and Distributors
- Sushi Processors and Distributors
- Public and Private Schools
- Universities
- Government Food Service
- Ranches
- Farms

A quality HACCP Plan Software System can save you on your liability insurance and lower risk!  Creating a food safety plan enables a safe food handling environment.  Most establishments receive a 10% to 45% discount on their annual liability insurance premium which, more often then not, saves you quite a bit more money then the cost of our HACCP software and food safety plan solution.  So, in essence, you get paid to be HACCP compliant.

With our HACCP Plan Software, your  HACCP Plan is completed in five simple steps (complies with the seven principles of HACCP):
- HACCP Step One:  Procedural Questions
- HACCP Step Two:  Site equipment inventory
- HACCP Step Three:  Vendor identification (attach to ingredients for traceability)
- HACCP Step Four:  Inputs/Ingredient relationships (hazards, CCP's CP's automatically attach)
- HACCP Step Five:  End Product / Menu item relationships (preparation processes)

Depending on your organization, with our HACCP Plan Software you can complete your HACCP food safety plan with our and be compliant within a week and sometimes, even within the first day implementing HACCP Builder.

Key items you will need before you take step one to complete your HACCP Food Safety Plan:
- A list of your site/location/facility equipment inventory
- A list of all of your vendors/suppliers of food stuffs
- A list of all of your ingredients
  - You will be prompted to attach each ingredient to the vendor/supplier
  - You will be prompted to attach the food category (system provides categories) associated with each ingredient
  - Hazards (system provides all hazards) will automatically be attached when food category is selected
- A list of all of your end-product/menu items
  - You will be prompted to attach ingredients to each end-product/menu item
  - You will be prompted to select preparation process (processes are defined clearly)

HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder ensures your establishment(s) complies with FDA / 
USDA HACCP  food safety plan regulations.  And, it is very easy-to-use and ensures your organization will be HACCP food safety compliant.

With HACCP Builder, it's easy to be HACCP compliant in every state in the United States.

HACCP Plan Software

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