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HACCP Builder's ability to customize to your needs with the ease of delivering your organization's process flow charts, Hazard Analysis Table(s) and HACCP Plan Table(s) makes your HACCP life easier.  In addition, our fully integrated ongoing compliance LogiSafe track and trace solution tracks all incoming lots, through processing then delivers custom lot numbers creating seamless tracking from outputs back to your inputs.

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The HACCP Builder Solution (see Manufacturer, Co-packer, Processor client list):

- Process Flow Chart(s) and associated Hazard Analysis Table(s) and HACCP Plan Table(s)
- LogiSafe track and trace tracks incoming lots, through processing then delivers custom lot numbers creating seamless tracking from outputs back to inputs
- Food Defense Check List

- SOP’s, SSOP's, GMP's, Recall Doc's (edit existing SOP’s, create and populate any new SOP's, SSOP's and GMP's)
- Add-A-Check-List - simply and easily add any check list or log you need
- Validation Check List (edit existing VCL questions or create and populate any new question)
Examples of all required sub-plans on our Plan Index Page (easy to copy, paste and customize)
- Complete corporate wide reporting in real-time on all logs and checklists
Real-time scrolling exception/corrective action reporting at corporate for all facilities and within each facility
Real-time alerts notifying staff members to complete tasks, if the task is not complete management will be automatically notified
- HACCP Builder allows users to customize and add documentation based on need
- In addition, all logs can be edited with your CCP time and temperatures and you are able to define all corrective actions for high data integrity

So, with these capabilities, HACCP Builder will work for any organization within the Food Stuff Industry (farm to fork).

HACCP Builder’s corporate center allows for monitoring all units/facilities within an organization and allows for managing and monitoring the entire organization and enables the organization to take corrective actions in real time 24/7/365.

In summary, no matter your type of organization, HACCP Builder enables you to put in place a preventative HACCP Food Safety Management System that will get you complaint and keep you compliant.

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