Streamlining Restaurant HACCP Plans

Restaurant HACCP

Restaurant HACCP Plans can be written, updated, and provide ongoing management for your HACCP compliance.  Whether you are practising Recipes based HACCP or need to complete your Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plan can do it with HACCP Builder.

So, if you are ready to move from a paper based solution to a 21st Century Solution, then HACCP Builder is for your organiztion.

All updates to the HACCP Builder Restaurant HACCP Plan system are included with your subscription  In addition, the HACCP Builder restaurant HACCP solution automatically assigns, for recipe based HACCP Plans, all CCP's, CP's, biological, chemical and physical hazards.

Manufacturers, Ranches, Farms, Fisheries, Processors
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Packing, Distributor, Warehouse, Transport, Commissary
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Restaurant, Grocery, Hotel, Caterer, Hospital,Care Centers...
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Restaurant HACCP food safety partners Pete Snyder and Roy Costa continually provide detailed guidance in the development and delivery of HACCP Builder products.

Restaurant HACCP Customer Sampling:
- Cold Stone Creamery
- Daylight Donuts
- Dunkin Donuts
- Colorado State University
- Saint Josephs Medical Center
- Roman Anthony's Restaurant Group
- Byer's Stop and Go
- Coney Island
- D'Angelo's Italian Market
- Dr. D's Best Burger
- Gumbo Daddy's Cafe
- Holiday Inn
- Hamburger Hamlet
- High Road Craft Ice Cream
- Joe Squared
- Magmati - Rustic Oven
- Ohio University
- Schepps Dakota Deli
- Texas Grillhouse
- Western Sizzlin
- And many more...

Restaurant HACCP Plan documentation is delivered in the following format:
1. HACCP Procedural Questions and Answers
2. Vendor Detail For Each Vendor
3. Customer Detail For Each Customer (not required in all organizations)
4. Inventory Items (Equipment and Specific Facility Needs)
5. Product/Menu Items By Each Process (Generally, Process 1, Process 2 and/or Process 3)
    - Product/Menu Items
    - Processes
    - Preparation
    - Ready To Eat (RTE)
    - Ingredients
    - Vendors
    - Customers (if needed)
    - Food Category
    - CCP/CCL
    - CP
    - Biological Hazards
    - Chemical Hazards
    - Physical Hazards
6. Responsibilities and Corrective Action Detail

    - Log Driven
    - Food Category Driven
7. Organization Food Flow Chart
8. Pest Control Plan

9. Cleaning and Sanitation Plan
10. Facility and Equipment Maintenance Plan
11. HACCP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
12. Required HACCP Procedural Guide Documentation

13. Seafood Reference Table
14. HACCP Terms Glossary

With our HACCP Restaurant HACCP System, you have the power to accurately deliver and control Corporate HACCP Compliance Policy directly to the individual staff level throughout many different locations/facilities...and you can only do it with HACCP Builder products:

Restaurant HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder is designed to make your restaurant much more effective at managing your food safety compliance and ensuring employees are completing their tasks.  Below, are the type of organizations that have made it to the 21st century:
- QSR - Quick Service Restaurants
- Country Club and Upscale Restaurant
- Home / Business Delivery
- Hotels
- Bakery
- Ice Cream Shops 
- Food/Convenience Markets
- Catering Organizations
- Sushi
- and more

Restaurant HACCP made easy with HACCP Builder.

Restaurant HACCP

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