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HACCP Builder is based on the Process Approach and contains USDA/FDA default data for all customers. The key to HACCP Builder is the ability to customize the system for your needs and the ease of loading your organization process flow charts and the flexibility and ease of use of the HACCP Hazard Analysis Table(s) and HACCP Plan Table(s). In addition, HACCP Builder’s design includes Menu / Recipe HACCP for the restaurant and retail industry for those who wish to implement Menu / Recipe HACCP.

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The key to HACCP Builder is the delivery Menu / Recipe HACCP is USDA/FDA default data and, more importantly, the ability to customize the system for your needs.The following parameters are easily customizable in the HACCP Builder System ( see sample client list):

- Processes and Process Flow charts
- SOP’s, SSOP's (edit existing SOP’s or create and populate any new SOP)
- Food Safety Check List (edit existing FSCL questions or create and populate any new question)
- Add-A-Check-List - simply and easily add any check list or log you need
- Food Categories attached to CCP’s, CP’s Biological, Chemical and Physical hazards
  - Over fifty Food Categories with these key items
  - Existing categories can be edited or your can create your own
- Validation Check List (edit existing VCL questions or create and populate any new question)
- All required sub plans including but not limited to Cleaning and Sanitization, Maintenance and Pest Control Plans (customizable)
- KEY NOTE: Many retailers (like Grocery and others) may also need FSIS based HACCP for production areas
- Also, HACCP Builder allows users to customize and add documentation based on need
- All logs can be edited with your CCP time and temperatures and you are able to define all corrective actions for high data integrity

So, with these capabilities, HACCP Builder will work for any retail food organization (for other industry segments, see those segment categories). HACCP Builder's platform supports all industry segments within the Food Stuff Industry (farm to fork).

HACCP Builder’s corporate center allows for monitoring all units/facilities within an organization and allows for managing and monitoring the entire organization enabling the organization to take corrective actions in real time 24/7/365.

In summary, no matter your type of organization, HACCP Builder enables you to put in place a preventative HACCP Food Safety Management System that will get you complaint and keep you compliant.

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