Works for every organization from Farm to Fork

It really does!  How you may ask?  Well, HACCP Builder was designed with the Process Approach in mind.  Now, many people say the Process Approach cannot work for certain organizations within the food chain – and, they would be right if the Processes in the system were not customizable – well, they are, and much more, in HACCP Builder.

We understand, that no matter your organization, you require processes to complete your food stuff production. Plus, you need to assign processes to certain items within your production. HACCP Builder allows for this customization. You will simply do two things for processes:

-  Create your custom processes(s)
-  Assign your items to the process(s)

In fact, you can implement all of the following with a little effort;

-  Standard Operating Procedures(SOP’s), standard and customizable plus add any you wish to add
-  Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP's) 
, standard and customizable plus add any you wish to add
-  Safety and Validation Check Lists 
, standard and customizable plus add any you wish to add
-  Standard and Customizable Processes, imbedded with your food flow chart plus your Hazard Analysis Table and HACCP Plan Table
-  Standard and Customizable Hazards, CCP’s, CP’s
-  Standard and Customizable Corrective Actions for all logs and check lists
-  Easily build check lists and logs from scratch...including directed corrective actions
-  Build Facility Plans from our examples in the system
-  And more…

This flexibility enables HACCP Builder to support food safety for any organization from 
Farm to Fork.

Farm to Fork

description: Farm To Fork From HACCP Builder