Just follow the steps...

…to complete your HACCP based Food Safety Management System. HACCP Builder contains step by step sections that enable you to build your HACCP Plan and then your complete compliance organizational system:

1. Equipment Inventory (standard and custom items).
2. Enter or upload vendor information.
3. Enter or upload customer information.
4. Enter or upload ingredient/inputs information (and attach to vendor).
5. Enter end product/output/menu items and attach ingredients/inputs.
6. Develop your custom documentation from our example forms (SOPs, SSOPs, cGMPs and much more).
7. Develop your facility plans from our example plans in the system.
8. Delivery your process flow charts within our flow chart module which includes the Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plan tables plus menu HACCP is needed.
9. Create any custom check list(s) / log(s) of your choosing or implement our standard check lists and logs.
10. Create your employee / staff mobile loggins for each employee for driving alerts and tracking performance and corrective actions.

Now, you have completed your Food Safety Management System that is simple for your staff to execute on...The key to our system is that your employees do not have to be experts to keep your organization compliant...because your policy is delivered to your staff and the system directs their actions.

Step By Step

description: Step by Step process with HACCP Plan Software from HACCP Builder